Accreditation services for outside of Turkey

TEPDAD offers accreditation and consultancy services for medical education programs outside of Turkey. WFME standards are used for program evaluation for accreditation purpose.  TEPDAD  has a recognition startus from WFME as accrediting agency 


Accredited Medical Education Programs

Type of Accreditation

Date of First Accreditation


Year of Interim evaluation

American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine




6 years


Holy Spirit Unversity of Kaslik School of Medicine and Medical Sciences




1 year



We have three types of service;

  1. Introductory training  of applicant/ possible applicant medical school staff  on  “accreditation standards, self-evaluation process and report preparation”
  2. Program evaluation service for accreditation purpose (Summative program evaluation) 
  3. Consultancy, formative program evaluation and advance training in  accreditation topics (in advance or after accreditation decision)

"Recognition of the TEPDAD accreditation at applicant country by a national authority in charge" is a prerequisite for our program evaluation service for accreditation purpose. The authority in charge, might be the ministry of health, ministry of education, higher education council, medical association or rectorate of the applicant school.  We are starting our program evaluation services after signing an agreement or having an official recognition letter from authority in charge at applicants’ country. This is not necessary for the consultancy, formative program evaluation or training services.

Please look at "accreditation schemes" for  having a general understanding of the process. You may also find latest Self-evaluation guide here.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] or do not hesitate to call +90 532 363 26 34  between 10.00-17.00 (GMT+2) in working days for further details. 

We do hope collaborate with you.